Angel Numbers 399 and 444


Angel Number 399. Have you seen this combination? Angels would sometimes give us messages through numbers – well, you just have to decode them to get what they want to tell you. I have been thinking of this number for some reason in which later realized – it could be a message for me from the divine!

The number 399 is a blend of vibration and influences that amplify energies of encouragement, enthusiasm, optimism, joy, manifesting positive abundance and also resonating with the Ascendant Masters. The number 9 actually says a about being a lightworker and divine wisdom.

Yea, it must be telling me and other people for “Lightworkers” needs to get to work and help people!

This is a message from the angels, Ascendant Masters and our Divine Archangels telling us that skills and talents as a lightworker are desperately needed by the world and this is your divine life purpose – you can’t delay and waver on this fact any further. Follow and trust your intuitions and guidance from angels – take every action accordingly.

It was really funny that I have been getting 399 on my head before but I never really gave much importance to it. Lately though, I keep asking my angels, what are you trying to say? I know you are telling something.. but I just don’t get it – what do you want me to do?! Lol.. Yes, I had a change of tone when I said that.. it took awhile but I got 399 and 444 soon after. What the hell was that, I asked myself.. (forgetting the fact that I did studied numerology and about angels messages through numbers.)

Angel Numbers 444 on the other hand, resonates mostly with the Archangels, being practical, productive, honest, order and responsibilities. It’s definitely the number of energy, harmony, rewards for hard work done, patience, purpose and passion. Basically, the angels and Archangels wants to tell you (or probably me, since I got the message, lol!) that they are encouraging and guiding you. They are offering their strength and support to help you get the work done, which you need to do and focus on.

If you got this message, it is also telling you that you have a strong connection with the angelic realm and you are able to use this for your benefit and be open to its guidance and messages. Again, listen to your intuition and follow the guidance they are leading you on. They know for a fact that you have been working hard on your goals and desires. In fact, they are even encouraging you to continue on the current path to achieve the success and results you desire in life.

I must admit, I have been quite a mess but I am always trying to give and offer help as much as I can and I have been really trying to get some message from my angels and archangels, too. Sometimes, when your mind is so troubled, everything seems cloudy and you can’t and will never get to receive the guidance and messages they want to give you and had been telling you. It’s not that they are not offering their help but it’s more like, you can’t hear and get their messages at all! Either way, I must assume they are encouraging me and giving me a “yes” on my concerns in life and were telling me to get to my work and stop being so lost because a lot people are needing my help and guidance. Wow.

For some reason, I felt better when I finally understood and received their messages. Just like that… in a snap of a finger – I’m suddenly okay. Sometimes, you just need to stop thinking and surrender it all to the divine – surrender yourself to the Lord.

Blessings everyone. Love & Light.


About Heart Divine

I am a psychic empath angel messenger healer offering help to people who needs clarity & guidance to bring back the happiness they deserve in life through the help of my guides & divine heavenly angels.

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  1. Highly descriptive blog, I enjoyed that bit.

    Will there be a part 2?

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